Car Wash Business Plan Checklist

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Car Wash Business Plan  Checklist

A car wash or auto wash is an ability to wash both the interior as well as the exterior of the car. Washes can be self-serve, fully programmed, or full-service with servants who wash the vehicle. An area or business decked for washing cars and other motor vehicles.

A Drive into The Car Wash Market

Clean India Journal strikes down the Indian market to analyze the existing car wash roadmap and roads crossing in from different parts of the globe.” The Indian car market developing at 10% annually is calculated to have the highest number of cars by 2050 with customer market expected to be the fifth largest in the world by 2025. At the global front, car wash services are expected to exceed $27.4 billion by 2017 broadly owing to rising car sales.

Starting your Own Car Wash - Checklists

  • Meet with finance experts and other car wash business proprietors for guidance on the essential start-up capital, surveys of initial costs and the prudence of such an investment.
  • Choose an area with high traffic flow, excellent visibility and a significant population.
  • Choose among hand washing or automatic machines. A hand car wash is cheaper at the beginning but its ongoing operational costs can exceed those of automated washes.
  • Obtain local building quotes to find the best deal.
  • Choose your supplier wisely.
  • Consider regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Allocate funds for a marketing budget. Use print media, leaflets, signs, billboards and online ads.
  • Find the EPA’s guidelines that determine how you can manage your car washing business.
  • You’ll need a computerized system that lets customers select their wash type and pay.
  • Consider a vacuum cleaning station to generate additional income.

Car Wash Trends

  • Seasonal car washes
  • In-Bay Automatic Car Washes
  • Self-Serve Car Wash
  • Tunnel Car Wash
  • Sustainability
  • Odor neutralizing and convenience
  • Spot free rinse
  • Undercarriage wash
  • Wheel treatment
  • Sealer wax
  • Foam polish

A business plan will serve you gain funding to begin your car wash and think through the features of your business. Prepare your plan as detailed as possible. The business plan should include an entrance, market inquiry, company information, organization and supervision, marketing and sales tactics, product/service, equity investment and funding demand and financial information.